Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Get discovered by the people who are most important to your success. Our SEO services help you attract high quality organic traffic to your website and convert more visitors into customers.

Our Results

We work with a wide range of businesses, ranging in size and sector, as well as varied business methods and goals. Campaigns are tailored to the demands of each client and typically include a number of SEO services.

Boost Google Ranking

– Small changes can have a tremendous impact.


– Rank each page on your website for it’s own keyword


– With SEO, you can improve your Google ranking.


Long Term Benefits

– If you stop, you will not lose your rank.


– Your ranking will significantly improve over time.


– The advantages are accumulated (each month builds on top of the last month)

Local Targeting

– Ability to target a variety of services.


– Ideal for small businesses in the area.


– Ability to target a keyword for a specific area.


Our Process

We discuss

We want to learn more about your company and your online objectives.

We work our magic

We begin optimising your website for organic search results.

You see results

We generate a thorough report with statistics to share with you.

Our Pricing

We provide three SEO packages, with the details of each listed below.

Each package includes a variety of processes and methods that are used to create a plan that is suited to your needs and goals.



Local SEO

1 Map with 35 Places

35 Local Citations
Keyword Analysis
Link Building
Content Optimisation




Local SEO

1 Map with 50 Places 

70 Local Citations
Keyword Analysis
Link Building
Content Optimisation

 1 Picture and Driving Instructions

Premium Pro


Local SEO
2 Maps with 100 Places

135 Local Citations
Keyword Analysis
Link Building
Content Optimisation

1 Picture and Driving Instructions


We will never hold you down to any contracts! You make a one time payment, we carry out the work and you may continue to use our services if you wish to. We believe in performance based SEO strategies and generate SEO reports for all clients. 

We start by analysing your keywords, the industry you operate in, your competition, your website structure, and content. We conduct our own in-depth research to determine which keywords your customers use when searching for your type of product or service. We work together with you to create and implement a strategy that generates higher search engine results for your website.

Although we cannot guarantee top of the page rankings, we promise to produce exceptional results, adhering to best practises, and using all of our expertise and knowledge to boost your search engine ranking positions as high as possible.

Within one month is when we expect to see results improving. Although we do not have the ability to predict the exact outcome, we are confident that we can demonstrate such improvements that meet your expectations and drive increased traffic to your website.

You can either provide us with your website CMS login information, or if you prefer to keep this information private, we can prepare and provide you with the work together with a set of simple to follow instructions and will be on hand to ensure all steps are completed.