What is Local SEO: Why is it important?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a marketing strategy used by businesses to improve their search engine rankings. With approximately 86% of consumers searching for a business on Google Maps, it is no surprise that SEO is the backbone of every business today. Without adequate Search engine optisimisation, the chances of your business succeding dramatically decreases.


SEO is of different types and at GSE Digital, we focus soley on Local SEO. Local SEO is a type of Search Engine Optimisation that facilitates the growth of small and medium-sized businesses locally. It is the most important thing in generating local traffic to your website and your content.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is a technique that helps you in optimising your online presence to increase your search engine traffic and raise visibility with local customers. With the help of Local SEO, you can promote your business locally giving you a competitive advantage in a particular geographic area.

Why is Local SEO important?

The following points outline the importance of Local SEO:

  1. It helps in reaching out to the most people in the area in the simplest way possible
  2. It helps your business stand out by increasing your online presence
  3. Increases traffic to your website through local premises
  4. It increases the chance of achieving higher conversion rates
  5. Builds up a favourable decision of people about your brand
  6. Increases the liklihood of building a positive brand image

Local SEO as a marketing strategy

Local Search Engine Optimisation plays the most important marketing role for any organisation as it helps attract customers and visitors to your website. It is more favourable towards smaller and medium sized businesses. Local Search Engine Optimisation gives your content a higher ranking on the following basis:

  1. If your content contains a specific location like a town or post code
  2. Includes ‘near me.’
  3. Can collaborate with GPS information

How can you implement Local SEO effectively?

You can more effectively implement Local SEO by focusing on Google and its ranking strategy. Google shows results according to a term called ‘3 packs’ that includes information about the area, the opening and closing time of your business, your contact information, photos, and reviews. Reviews play a crucial role in higher ranking. Have more reviews about your organisation, upload photos, get synced with the GPS to be found more easily.


The following are some of the other more effective ways in which SEO marketing is often carried out:

  1. Efficiently using keyword searches
  2. Observing online trends
  3. Getting listed in directories
  4. Optimising your website
  5. Creating unique and creative content
  6. Inserting more local links

Final thoughts

Local SEO helps your business grow by generating more traffic to your website which in turn increases the chances of generating sales and building a stronger customer base. We hope you have found this useful and look forward to helping you carry out an effective Local SEO strategy.


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